About Wengsome

Hi! I’m Weng. You have ventured into my homepage, where I draw and animate quirky stuff in life. Animation does take time, but I love bringing these experiences and funny moments to life. There’s only so much you can do in a day, and I’m so lucky that you’ve dropped by to check me out… in a good way.

If you love animations and stories, catch me on my YouTube channel.

On this website you can find all of my animations and comics. I love drawing and creating content for the tickles and chuckles. Animation takes up most of the time, so every now and then in between producing videos I post comics to entertain you guys! Catch me on Reddit u/wengsome. For those who don’t prefer videos, there’s always written version of my stories in the video posts.


Lil’ Bit More About Wengsome

A bit of Background

I started drawing when I was 5 years old. I loved comics and illustrations, and spent my childhood reading comics [Marvel Comics] and also Garfield when I was in the States. After returning to Malaysia, we didn’t have so many Western comics available here and the internet was still an infant, so I turned to the Asian Japanese manga as my primary comic material. These 2 styles influenced my art the most, hence I have a very Western-Asian style of drawing.

Throughout my life, I have always taken to drawing and scribbling as a way to communicate my thoughts and expressions. From a young age, I would scribble in my diary or journals, the very stuff I find funny in my day-to-day life. Think Garfield, where that was one of my earliest inspirations. The story of a cat and the stuff he does in his everyday life probably sparked my interest the most. That combined with Marvel comics and Dragon Ball Z inspired most of my drawings and imaginations.

I guess you can say these are my biggest influences. Hence my primary niche in drawing is based on quirky slice of life moments.

Favourite / Hardest Part About Comics Creation?

My favorite part about making these comics is storyboarding and drawing them, because whenever I’m in that process of creation, I tend to laugh a lot at my own silly ideas and drawings, which I guess readers probably can feel that. The concept creation is by far the best part about comic creating.

The hardest is in fact (though not directly related) animating my comics onto my YouTube videos. I bring my quirky stories to YouTube in hopes to also entertain my audience there in the form of 2D animations.

If purely talking about comics, I guess the hardest thing is getting people to see my comics. It’s really a hit and miss kind of thing, where my hope lies in people discovering these comics and having a good laugh at it.

Personal Favorite Comic Artists?

Personal favorite comic artists are the great Stan Lee (well, at least in the early ’80s and ’90s), Jim Davis of Garfield, of course, Akira Toriyama of Dragonball, and ONE, Yusuke Murata of the One Punch Man series. These comics all influence my own comics one way or the other.

Advice For Fellow Comic Starters

My advice to young or old artists that have a passion to start making comics is to just “start.” In drawing and art there’s really no right or wrong. Often artists are challenged by their own fear of their works not being good enough, or they are worried about other people’s judgement. The best thing about creating comics is that the eventual drawings are your very own style. Your art might be similar to the people who influenced you, but your personality in the comics is truly yours, so the best advice I can give is to just PRESS that START button.

Plans For The Future?

My plans for the future are very much the same. I’m a YouTuber and comic artist at the same time, so I’d be doing these in my spare time outside of my day job. I will continue producing these quirky and hilarious slice of life comics because they can light up a person’s day, or at the very least, it can put a smile on their faces.

I get a lot of comments on my comics and how they cheer people up, how it makes them smile and these comments mean a lot to me. Other than that, I’d probably hope that I can grow a sizable fan base… be it on social media, or any platform out there.

My favorite tagline and quote (and what I go by):

There’s so much one can do in a day, and I’m thankful you took the time to check me out… in a good way. Because everyone deserves a good laugh.

– Weng

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