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6 Weird Things That Would Make You Believe You’re Malaysian

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Malaysians are funny and full of humor. We all love good jokes and sometimes, we ourselves are jokes too with the quirky stuff in life. Here are some of the funny things Malaysians can relate to.

We Complain Alot.

We complain a lot. We complain about the weather, the food, the drivers on the road, slow driving and even the internet. It’s almost like you’re not really Malaysian if you don’t find yourself complaining about something. Now Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining for the sake of it, but for some reason there’s always this random person that just irritates me for no particular reason. Huhuhuh am I an asshole?

We Love Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak – AKA Fat Rice, or Fatty Rice, or just, Rice Rice (which probably should be crowned our national food someday) can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks, suppers and even dessert (Nasi Lemak Ice Cream?). Anyway, I’m not so sure about the ice cream, but a true Malaysian definitely loves Nasi Lemak. 

Get Your Hands Dirty

Malaysians love banana leaf rice, which according to some friends, tastes better when you eat it with your hands. Ugh… not me the very least, but I’m not judging though. You can eat it whichever way you like.

Road Trips

Malaysians love driving to other states (Yeah… Looking at you Penang. Yeah you.) for one reason and one reason only. THE FOODDD. Magawd.

Price Hikes

For some reason, Malaysians love to queue up to pump petrol before the price goes up the second day. Wait Why am I here again? Oh yeah I forgot my tank was empty because of this lockdown bull****. Seriously, why does everyone do that?

National Gold

Typical Malaysians love praying that our national athletes win gold in major sporting events so that we can get Ho Lee Days! Cuti Cuti Malaysia!

Malaysia is a multicultural country, and I guess that’s a good thing. I believe in everyone being unique, and how diversity can be beautiful. 

Even though we sometimes get irritated with life around us (cough politics and traffic), but isn’t that the same everywhere else in the world? 

I’m proud of being Malaysian, and on this day you and I both can agree that nothing is better than bonding over a good old Nasi Lemak and hot cup of tea. 

Thank you for watching and Happy Malaysia Day!

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