Going from 0-100 Subscribers on YouTube (Animation Channel)

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Growing on YouTube 0-100 in 2021

If you heard the term 0-100 before, you’re probably thinking of a sports car or rocket speed, in other words going pretty fast. The thing is, it doesn’t work that way for growth on YouTube. 

Starting a YouTube channel and growing it organically can be a real tough nut to crack. As impressive as having your own YouTube channel is, you’d quickly realize what you experience is totally different from what you expected it to be. 

And just like everybody else, you start a channel and plunge into the abyss of content, not knowing what to do except having a head full of expectations to succeed.

Only, you don’t see it. 


There’s hardly any views on your videos, your subscriber count remains at 0, and you get frustrated, right?

In this article, I’ll share what it was like getting the first 100 subscribers to my channel without any knowledge or experience in YouTube, and what I learnt across this journey.


Let’s be clear. I believe in both working hard and working smart. There’s no shortcuts in life and definitely none on YouTube. You don’t go from 0 to 100 subscribers overnight unless you’re a celebrity or some famous person with an established social media presence. 

If you were hoping I have tips to hit the 100subs mark in a day, I’m sorry but this isn’t the right place for you.

What you probably don’t realize is, YouTube growth heavily depends on a lot of different variables and factors, and you have only so much control over some of them.

Some of the common dependencies include:

  1. Channel Theme / Topic – Most people talk about having a niche or a focus that you can grow upon. If you tend to do a random assortment of videos, it might be harder to get an initial audience, or worse if someone decides to subscribe to you for cooking videos only for you to blast them with some football reviews, they may very well unsubscribe from you.
  2. Your social presence – You don’t necessarily need to be famous to gather a large social following, and chances are if you share your channel to your circle of friends and family, getting that first 100 may be relatively quick. If your online presence is next to nothing, then yes it’s gonna take some time before you reach that milestone.
  3. SEO – Many have stressed this, and I won’t hesitate to agree that SEO works wonders for your channel. Lets face it, when you’re small and unknown, you’d rely on people actually searching for your videos instead of it being recommended. Researching on topics that people search for and incorporating the keywords into your video title, descriptions  (heck even the file name) would make your channel easier to rank in search.
  4. Frequency of posts – Consistency is key, but doing it the right way and at your own pace is vital. Tons of people think that posting 5 videos a week will help them grow. Well that’s not wrong but only if you don’t burn out doing so. Besides, not every subscriber loves you shoving 3 videos a day in their face. It’s good to have a schedule so that you can manage your own time, and have a breather in between. I personally publish content once a week, and when you’re starting out – it doesn’t matter that much if you fail to publish in a week or two, or even a month, as long as you keep posting regularly.
  5. Content Strategy – As mentioned above, once you have a schedule and allow yourself the ample time to plan it out properly, you’ll reduce your chances of being stressed out for failing to come up with ideas or poor recording timeframes.
  6. Marketing and Promotions – You can have the best content in the world but with no one seeing it, it’s gonna sink to the bottom the abyss in the blink of an eye, with millions of other videos uploaded daily.
  7. Your Commitment and Dedication – I can’t stress this enough but all of the above would only work if you are committed in building your channel. Some creators are pumped in the beginning but as time goes by they sort of fizzle out and with the spark long gone, their growth suffers as well. Don’t be that.
  8. Luck – Among the factors we can’t directly control, I believe luck does play a certain role in helping your channel grow. I’m not going into any details, but not ruling it out that if you get lucky, your videos might be picked up one day and pushed by YouTube to a wider audience. 

With those factors covered, you’d probably have figured out by now that you definitely can optimise your content strategy and work it in your favour to grow your channel sooner rather than later.

How I got my first 100 Subscribers

I started my YouTube channel around the end of June 2021, as an outlet for me to bring my comics to life. As a comic artist turned animator, I turn my slice-of-life comics into short form video animations to entertain and educate my audience for the tickles and laughter.

Looking beyond all those growth factors, the single most important reason to YT is that I love creating content.

It’s my passion to build communities.

Besides being committed, it’s important that you understand everything takes time. The biggest creators started out from 0, and success on YouTube is more like a marathon rather than a sprint.

Every channel grows at a different rate, what may work for some would not work for the other. However, what makes each of them similar is that they all share the same passion for creation. 

Successful YouTubers could never have guessed one day they’d strike gold and be where they are now, they were able to persevere and succeed through their drive and passions.

It took me 4 months to get my first 100 subscribers, and the way I did it was by NOT obsessing over the metrics. Truth is, it’s so easy to get discouraged when you pour in your time and effort just to see your video barely get any views after posting.


Again, when you’re a total nobody your video isn’t going to get any views unless your content is super trendy (Based on latest trends) or super helpful (How-to videos) that viewers actively search about. My content is animated videos based on evergreen topics, so it’s extremely difficult to gain an initial audience. 

People ain’t searching for my stuff, and it sure isn’t a hot topic to begin with, so how do I get it out there?

Initially, I would share my videos on my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) but the views and interactions from those platforms did not carry over to YouTube. In fact, most of the initial views to my videos came from Reddit, where I sought other YouTubers’ opinions in making my videos better.

Growth was slow in the beginning, after the first month I probably gained around 5-10 subscribers. I did not do any weird sub4sub (as they called it) or asking family and friends to subscribe (because I wanted subscribers who actually love my content) so it was really tough trying to gain my feet in such a big world.

As my content improved, the views started increasing too. Everything from audio to visual quality to even better storytelling contributed to my growth.

comix wengsome

Before I knew it, I hit 50 subscribers in probably my second month. (I can’t be sure because I’m not too into the analytics part although I do check on it from time to time to understand my audience behaviour better) I was thrilled that 50 people wanted to see more of my content, so those little ‘wins’ in fact motivated me to come up with more interesting and hilarious content.

I hit my 100 subscribers milestone after four months and honestly I’m still learning all about it. By no means am I an expert in YouTube, and not every advice out there is going to work for you. 

Experiment, experiment and experiment again until you find what’s right for your channel and you. If you don’t love what you’re doing and it feels forced, your growth will be affected and your audience can tell. 

We all grow at our own pace and for anyone who decides to start their own YT channel, the best piece of advice is ‘just start’. There is no golden moment. 

Remember that subscribers aren’t just a number, they’re actual people who take an interest in you and your creations. So make sure to appreciate these good people!

Thank you so much for reading along, and if you are one of my subscribers: Thank you!

It means a lot to me that you like what I do and the stuff I feed you.

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