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Growing On YouTube As An Animator

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Previously on Wengsome…

2022 is around the corner and here’s part 2 of my year end video where I’m just gonna talk about what I’ve learnt so far.

Some people told me growth on Youtube was not a sprint, but a marathon. They have a point, maybe because they all joined marathons… but the more I think about it, the more I think otherwise.

You see marathons are long endurance runs, but they have a finish line too, and they are bound to time. Which means when the timer ends, so does your marathon. I’d like to take my learnings so far and compare it to doing workouts or going to the gym.

Now you might be wondering, what does animation and youtube have to do with the gym?

I often see and hear questions like, I’ve just posted my video and why are there no views, or 2 months in and I don’t have any subscribers yet. Stuff like that. That got me thinking, if YOU go to the gym, what is your purpose, what is your goal? 

Some go to get in shape, some go to get into shape, and some – frequent there to perfect that shape. Those guys with the Greek god bodies and ladies with hourglass figures. MMMM MMM

If I took a free gym pass and did one workout session, should I expect to see huge gains? Hail Naw. I still gotta do my homework, keep practicing my basics and have patience. Ok sure there are some POWDERFUL guys who grow faster in a short rate but… I don’t know why either. I posted a vid on how to work out right and that certainly has helped me so far. Wait, what was that? You don’t believe I can do pushups like my videos or animations? Ok YOU WAIT

So we are here. And to practice what we b*tch, I mean preach, I will proceed to do what no one in this house has done before…

Now bear in mind I am also very full from breakfast. Before I embarrass my friends and family out there.

HMMMPH this is the guy push up.

It’s ok, we’re ok

Now we have the DIAMOND push up. Who in the world invented this?

Next up, we have the Arrow push up! Or was it the archer.. Can’t remember for my life.

Wawwww not bad~~

I am no fitness guru but I remember a video where those Calisthenics masters would go “CLAP” in their push ups. 


Oh and I saw a video on YouTube, talking about a no hand pushup. Let’s try that.

HOOO that was fun.. I guess? But the POINT IS – It’s OK TO FAIL as long as you try, and keep trying. Because you’ll learn from the best of the best. Yourself! Anyone gonna say they aint best? Come on, I’ll wait. You need to nourish your YOuTube journey with consistent care and commitment.. just like… my hair. 

Lots of people commented about my hair, like: 

How do you have such beautiful hair


I’m so jealous of your hair, it’s more beautiful than mine and like the hair of a girl

Are you a girl?

And that brings me to another KEY learning

PEOPLE have SIXPacktations

Guys, I was fat-

Sorry. Guys it’s ok to have expectations but BE REAL.

Doing 100 crunches blindly or 100 sit ups however you may call it will not get you that SIX PACKS. And the same can be said for creating on YouTube I guess? Posting 100 videos of the same style, same effort and same quality is not guaranteed to get you where you wanna be. 

Unless, that’s what you wanna be. GASPS.

So be realistic in your sixpactations and keep learning as you go along. There’s a reason why some guys and girls have nice, chiseled, mother father-ing washboard abs – while others.. HARAM WEI

Perhaps the most important of all the things I’ve learnt so far is to enjoy what you do, or in other words, LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. 

Sure you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes, we all do. I started out with whatever tools I could find. I recorded my audio on this bad boy here. Yeah I got it for 5 bucks, look how bad it is! I mean that’s why it’s called bad boy right. Also, I didn’t have a clue in the world on how to be a Youtuber, wait am I considered a YTber now? I figure since people who shop are called shoppers, and the ones who get shopped are shoppee’s, so it’s perfectly OKAY to call myself a Youtuber right. Muahahaha 

So yeah, what’s the difference between big and small YouTubers you may ask? Ummmmm obviously aside from the millions of subs they have compared to mine… it’s like a Ferrari and a … Myvi lol. Or an ant and a boot but guess what? We are all creating content for the millions of people out there, including you. So it’s ok to be small. Big boys have bigger stuff to worry about, and small ones… maybe worry about what I should eat next. 

Mmm… so good

You don’t have to have a big social media following to start on YouTube. Nahhh I didnt even have one to begin with.  I have fam- I MEAN I have a bottle of WATER. And by the way this isn’t sponsored either.. I bought it with all these coins I saved up.

Wait why are the coins on top and not inside?

Anyway, these are the Key Takeaways 

You gotta have patience, both in animation and being on YouTube. It’s the key to unlocking results

Make alot alot of friends along the way. Like I mentioned it’s those connections that will get you places. The key to benefits, you know what I mean?

And lastly, all you need to start your animation or youtube journey is water. I mean, heart. A big heart is the key to success guys. Love what you do and always remember to TREAT YO SELF!

That’s it for this video. Happy 2022, or twenty twenty-two and I’m out!

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