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Here’s How To Make Sure You’re Working Out The Right Way

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Before I start let’s be clear this isn’t a “Ways to lose weight” or “10 exercises you need to trim belly fat” kind of video. At some point in life you’ve probably wanted to lose weight, for health reasons or simply just to look better. Working out sure does help, but only if you do it right. Here’s why.

In general, if you ask someone if they work out, you’ll probably be hit with one of these:

“Urm yeah I workout everyday, Monday to Sunday, 8 days every week”

“Tee Hee… I do some yoga once in a few months”

“Cats don’t have gym memberships so why should I”

Now I’m not saying the “GYM” is a mandatory thing in your workout journey, but I can’t seem to figure out why most people think working out equals going to some fancy gym to make gains. 

Granted, gyms are fantastic places for you to get into shape and motivate yourself to lose weight if you need to, but it’s not an excuse to not work out just because you can’t pay the fees or because you used up all those free trials. Or, perhaps you start developing the fear of going to the gym because working out is … hard?

“Like EWW I literally cried OMW to the gym today because the elevator broke down and I had to climb four floors up. It’s like they made me exercise right before my exercise SMH OMG WHY.”

People, it’s perfectly fine to do your workouts from the comfort of your own home. Hitting up YouTube and simply typing ‘How do I get fit from home” would probably net you a load of fitness programs other YouTubers have created, there’s simply no reason to not try.

“But WENG, hypothetically, if you gain extra pounds really fast and move around with ‘em, does that count as weight training? Or am I just dumb?”


Ok I get it, maybe there are some people who love going out to exercise and breaking a sweat. Do some jogging, taking a brisk stroll or even taking part in group activities. You just have to establish your goals and change your mindset “I want to” instead of “I don’t want to”. You get it? You don’t want to stop eating ,Nawwww but you do want to lose weight right? Simple steps to start off the right way.

Again, asking people what they think of working out-doors (out, outdoors, work..NVM) would probably go like:

“I am 100% going for runs at night because the fear of getting murdered greatly boosts my cardio performance! “

“I suit up and walk by people eating their lunch outdoors just to feel better about myself”

“Naw it’s too dangerous. I could get hit by a random car if I go outdoors”


The bottom line is, you can’t procrastinate your workouts simply because you’re afraid to put in the work. I was once there too. Living a poor lifestyle and bad decisions combined to transform me into an overweight sack of mess. But chu know what? I put in da work, set my goals and told myself :

I’m gonna lose weight

I’m gonna exercise everyday

And I’m gonna go on a diet and stick to it. Yes I am.

Also me – is that cake?

Start small and be consistent in your workouts. You don’t have to destroy yourself to the level where you either puke your stomach out, or not be able to walk for the next million days. Approach exercise with caution and listen to your body. You’ve got this!

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Thank you for watching and see you in the next one.

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