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How I Create 2D Animations – Adobe Animate & Procreate

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In this series I’m showing you guys how I create my 2D Animations on Adobe Animate. I’ve received questions on “How Do I Create 2D Animations” or “What equipment is needed to animate?” or “How can I grow in animation?”

This How Do You Do series is focused on showing how to create 2D animations on Adobe Animate & Procreate. I’ll be showing you the techniques I use for my animations and also talking about some best practices and the basics of animation.

This 2D animation tutorial covers the basics of using Adobe Animate to start your own story animation video and some neat tips.

If you’re looking to start 2D animation, Procreate and Adobe Animate are great for creating animations. If you’re looking for some free apps for 2D animations, I’ve got some great recommendations below.

Flipaclip (Free 2D Animation for Mobile)

For Google Play

For iOS

OpenToonz (Free 2D Animation for Desktop)
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