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How To Start Drawing The Easiest Way

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As an artist turned animator, one of the questions I usually get is how to draw, or how to draw better, or, how do I draw with my eyes closed? Well, technically drawing is a skill that you can get better over time, but many people get the wrong impression that drawing requires a certain talent…………… Alright they may be correct but ‘chu know what? Even without that talent, you’re still gonna be able to draw. Here’s the real deal.

Ok, let’s get straight to the point. Everyone can draw. I can draw, my wife can draw, my neighbour can draw, even my cat can draw. Alright, maybe not.

But Weng, I only know how to draw a stickman. I’m that Bad. Say No More.

From stickmen, to simple figures, to complex cartoons and so on, anyone that has an imagination and a pencil can draw. Why do I say that? Because drawing, like writing – starts from an idea, or something to say, that only you can express.

Let’s say you draw a circle, (I’m sure anyone can, even a turtle could do it.), you then add 2 dots, and another curve to make it a smile. Bingo! There you have a smiley. Next up, you doodle some hands on it, and you give it some legs (because why not) and finally, add a speech bubble so that you can put your lovely thoughts into this. 

“You look Great!”

And guess what? Here you have a very nice drawing that would make a person smile. By such a simple drawing, you’re already connecting yourself to your viewer. You don’t have to be a “master artist”, nahhhh or a ZOMG. I’m a ‘professional’ to draw something unique, you just have to put your idea on paper and draw something! 

Dear Dear Dear, how’s my turtle?


You know how social media is full of nice puns and wordplay? Let’s do that!

So pickup a pencil, start by drawing a triangle. Come on… I know you can do it. Then, draw another triangle beside. Add some eyes and some smiles to make them look funny, and then add the same hands and legs you did for the smiley. Now, the pun we’re gonna use is “Stay in Shape” so here are the final touches, adding some accessories, yeah a little dumbbell here and there to these cuties here. Remember, it doesn’t have to look super professional to make someone smile. Try it!

Ps: That’s a subtle reminder to all of us… we sit around too much, so don’t forget to stay in shape!

The third example I wanna share is one of my favourites.

Start by drawing a pair of hearts. You know you can do it, (coz you’ve got a heart! Get it?) Now, let’s add some circles in it, and put some smiles on it. Let’s do a wink on one, and some eyelashes on the other. There you go! A perfect drawing to give to a loved one. Now this is what I call a masterpiece. 

So guys, drawing is indeed a skill that gets better over time. The more ideas you have the better you are in formulating stuff to draw. Every artist started out from drawing crappy stuff, we just honed our skills because we loved drawing. So it’s time to turn the question of “How to Draw” into “What should I draw” and start doodling some wonderful drawings to make someone smile.

Leave a comment below if you wanna see more of these drawing tips or pretty much any tips that will make your day better, and share this with a friend if you found it helpful.

You’ve got this!

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