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Social Media IS A PROBLEM for Artists & Animators

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As artists, we love to scroll through our instagram and social media platforms, looking at our feed and what’s trending. However, social media is a problem for Artists and Animators. Why? It’s simple. Social Media isn’t built for art.

Most artists and animators take to social media to share their work, that’s wonderful. But since when did that turn into leveraging social media for growth or to become famous? Why do we depend so much on social media to get engagement? Likes, Comments, Shares, you name it.

This video is centered on why Social Media is a problem for Artists and Animators as well. If you’re an aspiring animator or artist, you might want to watch this to understand how to handle your social media and not get stressed over it.

AND, I may add, that I’ll be answering the golden question “Do I need to post my art on social media?” Stay tuned and get all the answers you’re looking for!

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