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Teaching Yourself Animation: Is It Possible?

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Hello, guys, welcome back to my channel, Wengsome. Have you ever wondered if you can teach yourself animation to kickstart your career in the animation industry? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the right place. Precisely, this video is centered on the question ”Is it Possible Teach Yourself Animation?”, and also the ways you can start teaching yourself animation without going to animation school.

Let me tell you, there are many types of animation in the field, the most popular ones are 2D and 3D animation, you’ll need to make a choice on which animation suits you. AND, I may add, that I’ll be answering the golden question ”Do I need to go to animation school to learn animation?” 

Stay tuned and get all the answers you’re looking for!

You know, animators are also humans. We eat, we drink, we watch tv and we check our social media. Nothing wrong with that!

While I was looking through my socials, one of my guys asked me this question: “Is it true that you can teach yourself animation? That I don’t need to go to some fancy animation school?”

Well- before I talk about prison <Beep>before I talk about schools, 

Understand this

There is no shortage of resources online for you to self-teach animation. 

The challenge is choosing a particular approach that actually works for you. 

Self-teaching animation is not daunting, but attaining a skill set for reasonably good quality creation is an uphill journey. If ya thought “Yeaaa I probably can pick this up in a couple of hours..”

 HOooohh boy that ain’t happening!

Animation and motion pictures or video have the same foundation. A video or motion picture is several photos or frames playing out every second. Likewise, an animation is several frames or shots of inanimate objects brought to life through motion or movement.  

What’s the difference between animation and video you may ask?

In a video or motion picture, you have real people or objects recorded using cameras. Animation uses analog or digital drawings in 2D and object & character rigs in 3D. 

Lemme tell you guys, animation is super complex. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If it wasn’t, anyone could be an animator, right? 

But, the good news is: you ABSOLUTELY can learn bit by bit and start animating with it. Remember guys, Animation isn’t creating the perfect motion graphic, it’s about bringing things to life.

If you’re starting your animation journey, the REAL question is choosing between traditional 2D animation or software enabled 3D animation. Both are equally important in the industry, both are amazing skill sets to have, and both are easy to learn yet hard to master.

If you can or know how to draw, you can take the path of 2D animation. 

Software-based 2D animation requires a medium for you to draw. You may use standard drawing or painting software available on Windows or Mac. A mouse may not be practically convenient, though. You can draw on paper and use their digital versions for the animation. 

I use a Wacom Intuos when I draw and animate at home, and my iPad when I animate on the fly. Don’t ask me which one is better- preferences vary my friend. All I can say is, go with the cheaper one for a start. This ain’t collage.

3D animations, on the other hand, require a good computer to begin with. What’s that? You’re asking if you can do 3D animations from the pc in your basement that’s running Windows 2000? [silence] My guy, even computers need to eat. 

You’ll need a good computer in this age and era to work on 3D animations without stressing over hardware problems.

Again, it’s important I stress that you need to choose your preferred type of animation. 

I mean even if you’re just learning motion graphics to create some animated Logos for clients, you’d be surprised at how much demand there is for those stingers in the market. 

2D and 3D animation require a little bit more time and effort on your end to hone those skills so you can call yourself a proper animator, and it’s easier said than done but hey, no ones stopping you ya know. 

I can guide you to the door, but you gotta walk through it yourself my guy.

I hope this video has helped you gain some insight on learning animation and I’ll see you in the next one!

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