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The Biggest Problem Millennials Face

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The generation that precedes Gen Z, Millennials grew up in an era of technology disruption, having experienced life before and after the internet, and thrive on memes and weird humor.

“Wait a minute, isn’t Gen Z the same too?”

“Yeah, but there’s a difference.” 

I spoke about how Gen Z’s humor isn’t broken in my previous video, and although Gen Z revels in memes that don’t make sense, Millennial humor both confuses and delights. 

Well, that’s what I’ve been told. The “sh8tposting” you see online.. Wait, am I allowed to say that? .. which is borderline absurd, often reflects the atmosphere in which millennials grew up in.

“Dude! That’s so deep I almost met Adele rolling in it”


One thing’s for sure: Millennials live in a world that looks nothing like the one their parents grew up in. Ooo an iPad. Oooo an Apple! — This .. APPLE


How many people grew up with Super Mario and Duck hunt? C’mmon show of hands.. oh wait never mind I can’t see em.

Gen Z and Millennials don’t have the ability to change the world as they know it, but what they are good at is posting memes or gifs online talking about it.

Often these memes seem to be screaming into the void, but sometimes – the void screams back; through likes and comments and the retweets you see on social media.

Let’s talk about social media for a moment. Gen Z’s with their near-Zero attention span, prefer platforms like TIKTOK, Snapchat and Youtube, whereas you’d find Millennials browsing through Facebook or Twitter more often.

In fact, Millennials were even told (by Gen Z) to get off TikTok.

Millennials enjoy the dank style meme’s and the weird Twitter humor, but I just need to make it clear that weird humor is subjective. 

To them, the world has stopped making sense at some point in their lives, (and it’s hard to make cents too nowadays – Tsk…sigh)

They seem to be a target of mockery because of their y2k era habits : Like doggos? Was it doggos or DOGE or doggays?

“Oh MAH GAWD Dorothy! Do you like my new DOGGO??”

“YAWWW” LOOK at that cute lil doggay…. Would you look at that!! By the way, whats a DOGGO?

URGH Dorothy plz. Its my word for Dog

Well does your doggo have a name?

Like,,,, DUHHHH UH UH UH. Of course it does. Call him Dirty

I know, it doesn’t seem fair. Haven’t Millennials been through enough sh*t themselves? Financial crisis, being labeled spoiled little brats (by boomers), and gen z shitting on them on Tiktok?

Well yea! Maybe, just maybe one of the reasons why they’re constantly being labeled as Cringe is because of the way Millennials portray themselves.

They speak of adulting, but they wear stuff like THIS

They appear chill but they vomit stuff like THIS


“Don’t you talk to me before my coffee”

“Dannnng gal, u don’t got to be a bishh about it.”


“Nathaniel, I’m totally disappointed in you. Would you grow up please”

All while wearing a stupid-ass T.

“…” Dear Millennials, don’t worry, you’re doing fine.

Millennials are a generation obsessed with defining themselves by interests and identities. Stuff like Nostalgia, brand loyalty and political figures.

Millennials were called out for blaming aspects of a broken system. Whereelse gen z is ready to just tear it down. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Gen z is being serious or not but for Millennials, ohh you can smell them being too earnest from a mile away.

Like, we’re both coping with the same old shitty world but they complain way too much and can’t cope with it. 

The bottom line is, Millennials aren’t cringey, they’re just always glued to their phones and are probably insecure about the future, but they understand whats a joke when they hear one.

After all, ain’t I a joke too if i’m making a video so serious over a joke. 


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