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This Is How Technology Made A Difference To Our Lives

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The internet came along and changed our lives. Smartphones and super slim televisions are now the gold standards of the world. But it wasn’t always that way. From televisions and laptops slimming down as we bulge out, to phones actually getting weaker, tech has surprisingly affected us in ways we may not have expected.

Things have changed a lot over the decades. We used to pass time with toys and video games and in the company of friends. Now, we spend more and more time online, reading amusing articles and laughing at memes or web comics. Google has certainly made us lazy. You don’t have to use your brain when you can google the answer to a question, but what if Google doesn’t have the answer?

Do we: 

A.) Ask our friends or family that question to find out more?


B.) Don’t bother. There’s no such thing. 

In the good old days, we’d spend time together, even when playing video games. All you needed was a TV, some controllers and room on the sofa for some pals and BAMM! there you have yourselves some great split-screen gaming fun. Now, even co-op games are played over the internet so we see less of our friends, even though we spend more countless hours playing with them.

I mean, take a look at all that tech out there. Technology has gotten thinner, lighter, more portable and more accessible. The problem is it’s also made us lazier and in some cases fatter too. Tech shrinks, we grow. What kind of world are we living in?

Looking back, we used to go outside to play and have fun with friends, do some sports or simply just hang out.  Kids nowadays mostly go outside to catch Pokemon. 

Back then, eating together probably looked something like this. Now, friends gather together to eat at a restaurant while talking on the same DISCORD channel, about how we are at the same place, talking on the phones ?

Speaking of which, you can’t possibly eat a meal without first recording it in image form for prosperity’s sake. I have lost count of how many times the food has arrived and I’m about to dive in to my food when my friend goes “Woah, pictures first, man. “

Am I the only one that doesn’t take food pics?

Gaming too, has its fair share of changes ever since. In the good old days, you had to work hard to  complete a game, unlock some side quests, access special characters and more. Now game publishers have made it so you can just pay your way to victory. Loot boxes, microtransactions, season passes and special editions. People seem to love splashing out that extra moolah, so it’s not changing any time soon.

Having said all of this, technology is still changing us every day. You don’t have to be different, and there’s no wrong in embracing change. Just, go along with the flow and see things with an open mind.

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